If you are interested in modeling and live in or near the Washington D.C. metro area please contact Fred and Lara at

      In order to model you must be eighteen years of age and willing to sign a model release. In exchange for modeling you will receive as many as eight prints of selected pictures of the shoot. If you desire more prints you will be charged only the cost of the actual printing. All non-commissioned work may be used by Fred and Lara online or in galleries. 

      Fred and Lara see the working relationship between model and photographer as a collaboration to create art that is both beautiful and unique. Although Fred and Lara are very goal-orientated and straightforward they work hard to create a pleasant and laidback atmosphere. All projects are a team effort and input from the model is always welcome. 

      Fred and Lara want potential models to be able to have a vision or clear idea of what it is both model and photographer want to create. Fred and Lara will speak to you at length about specific picture ideas in order to match the mood and atmosphere of the pictures to the spirit and nature of the model. 

      Potential models please note that body type should not be an issue when deciding to model. Because of unrealistic and harmful cultural standards many women are overcritical or ashamed of their bodies but Fred and Lara truly believe that every human being is beautiful and unique.

      Don't hesitate to contact Fred and Lara if you have any further questions about modeling.

Commissioned Work

Fred and Lara also do commissioned work. These pictures are never displayed or sold. These pictures can be created in their studio or a location of your choosing. Pricing is discussed on a case to case basis and can vary greatly according to your expectations (color, black and white, special effects, etc.,) Once again, the goal is to match the mood and atmosphere of the picture with the spirit and nature of the model so there is often extensive discussions between the photographers and the model(s) before the project is initiated. 


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